There’s a smile, a smile that i’ve always envied. This smile rose ever so brightly by each passing second. Once in the cruelest of problems in a story, it became the most toothiest smiles, a smile smothered in madness. When in a page of wonder approached, the smile warmed, shining radiantly and beaming into the hearts of many.  Once the page turned to a gloomy day, the smile remained alive, but faced the ground, with a mind of colorless thoughts. In a gape of excitement, the smile sprang wide, energized with excitement! On the pages of a book where it approached a worried mood, he’d remain his smile, but only behind his smile could reveal the true feelings. Beyond that, he only wore a smile and nothing more, nothing less. One might ask who this man might be, the one with the smile that drew a robust soul into each and every one of us, we’ve all been gifted with this smile that this man held inside of each and every living soul. Who this man was, the answer kept no secret, he was merely the ideas of a young mind, a young mind with the creation of incredible things, in this world of imagination.The gift that the man held was beyond imaginable, because it was one of emotion, various emotions that was spread wildly into another’s soul. This man was nothing but a man in a story book, a feeble, withered story book read once the sun set, right before the eyes of young children would come to rest. The man who carried this smile was nothing but a man, a man with a powerful emotion. Many attempted to become like this man, but were never successful because this man was one of a kind, one so individual. The man had a name, indeed he did! He was given the name of συγκίνηση (synkíni̱si̱), a name so unique and distinctive, one only thought by an artist that was able to foresee the personality in a young child’s eyes. This man’s eyes beames along with his smile, his smile that lead this story, the story of imagination. We all travel through an adventure of the mind, and the mind is where this storybook is held, held tight and safely to be cherished for eternity. This story is read over and over, even written with new pages, all of the man with the smile so bright that it converted darkness to light! Many would stare as he passed the streets, always wondering why he’d smile with time. The simple answer is that he’s nothing but a part of a story book, a figment of the mind. A character with no other greater physical feature but his everlasting smile. Every single word spoken from this man was hidden behind his mouth, the mouth that held a bundle of gold. This man was collected into dreams, taking the place as imagination’s little toy puppet. He danced dastardly through emotions, with only his smile to present his feelings, broadcasting his thoughts. The one thing that kept this man alive, eternal was the bright mind of a human, an ordinary human who could dream. These dreams were created by pieces of imagination, to become a powerful, life-like experience that journey’s you through the creation of the man with the brightest of smiles. His creation was in the mixture of a heavy thought, a mind so unpredictable, that it even created a future.



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