Under the influence of childhood



Childhood last for so many years, but not very long

The mind of a child lives on for so long,

Until the age that you spawn as you no longer are considered a child by law

Until you can be no longer fully wrapped in your care takers arms

You can be charge guilty of your own thoughts,

Your thoughts can seclude you in your own guilit, remind you of what you once thought

Childhood rejoyces in love

And love is always offered from any corner as a child

A child can offer so much of what is unknown

But what is unknown in the long run can seclude you from others

But it will not seclude you for long

A child will grow beyond its own will

It will grow out of love of one,

But one will always be their for child,

Child will always drawl back to one while one is in hope of a future

One was their  for  years for child

And the last time child wanted one

One was no longer . .


Teren Marie

This was so deep and sad. You wrote very artistically :)

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