What Would You Change

If I could change anything one thing, no matter how big or small, I would probably change the voting age. 

I am in a class full of very intelligent seniors (I am a senior myself), and many of them have different points of view when it comes to political parties and controversial issues. The Model UN Club at Valmeyer High School is outstanding there are young men and women in there ranging from ages 15-18. If these young men and women know so much about political parties, national/international issues, and solutions to the problems, why do they not have the right to vote?

Personally I do not know much about politics (I was never really involved with politics, but I can easily learn about it), so I would not take part in the early voting. But these particular young men and women deserve the right to vote at an early age if they know what is good for our beloved country. I have seen the mock debates and their resolutions, and I know that these young men and women know what The United States of America needs. They are very intelligent, and they have a passion for Model UN. Why should they have to wait before their votes (or suggestions) are heard? I would definitely give them the right to vote! If a fifteen year old knows what is good for this country, then they should be allowed to voice their opinions!

That is one thing I would change, no matter how big or small.


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