The wonder of children


Children are the most miraculous creatures on earth. They are very captivating and enchanting with beautiful eyes and the look of pure innocence bestowed upon their face. 
the second they are put on this earth they are curious.
They are curious of colors and light and this brave new world they are seeing,
They want to touch, see, and breathe every essence of this newfound world.
Children aren't born with all these ideals we have created, they learned this from their elders. 
Kids aren't full of homophobia, bigotry, prejudice or anything really.
They want to learn about everything and they want to see all perspectives.
They do this by asking questions about everything and anything they could think of .. well if they can talk of course.
I see beautiful things children do every day! They wave at strangers and the amazement in their eyes in places like buses, trains and planes are unbelievable. Try recognize and Analyze all the beautiful things we have created and see that we take advantage of.
Somehow over the years we forget that and so do they.They loose sight of it. It is a shame but I still can't help but smile when a little kid is holding an ice cream cone and smiling wide.
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Our world


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