you ready?

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 22:31 -- nikola

Let me tell you straight,
I say yes you say no
I say come you say go
I hide and you show
I inhale while you blow
I thought you were a blessing, I pray god to stop stressing but when you start undressing ohhh…..  

I stop and think, I smoke and drink
Man that shit got me amazed
but it might be I just blazed
while your eyes look off and you’re dazed by the time ticking awayohh….


Let me get it let me get it once I give it to you right you will never forget it..

And how you suppose to leave me?
And how you suppose to see me? These questions are asked weekly

I see you when I get the chance, rekindle our romance, when I get down in that stance… you ready? ah ha

Girl this ain’t the time yet, but I'm willing to just bet,

whether that distance is a mile…or you your off studying style…. new york


You'll be walking down that aisle, hair laced back reveals your smile, peasants lined up all In file…. this is it…

All the time is not wasted, even if you were wasted, plastered off in your oasis, lay you down on some strangest….. silk.



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