You Know Better


United States
35° 53' 10.0932" N, 78° 38' 43.9728" W

I'm running through the woods
The wind rushing through my hair
I take a leap of faith
Despite my knowing you're not there
I cling to this thought
Hold tight to my perfect picture of what if
But my breath becomes short winded
And I wind up at the edge of a cliff
I catch my breath and my balance
I peer curiously over the side
I try to fight against the wind
Try to steer clear from the trail I once cried
I try to avoid the bloody footsteps
Try not to look at the pictures on the wall
Hoping that if I can forget what I once felt
Then I can avoid another fall
I see the scratches through the paint
The stains I tried to hide
I accidentally take a glance into the mirror
And see the girl who was once alive
My heart beats a little faster
As I begin to fantasize
A warm blanket covers me
As I once again believe the lies
“It feels so right,”I tell myself
Who cares about the past?
I exhale a deep breath of relief
Not knowing it would be my last
My chest is rising faster now
My teeth begin to chatter
My whole body turns a sickly blue
And I hit the floor with a shatter
The mirror breaks
The paint curls back
My mind draws a blank
Then all goes black
“Who turned off the lights?!” I scream
“What the hell is going on?!”
But in the background plays a sad song
A broken heart, a broken vase
Two hands ripped apart
Maybe they're right and I should give up
Because I cannot survive another broken heart
And even after all I gave
That's all you have to offer me
I was again blinded by faith in you
But now I can see
I can see a clear path of destruction
See the fire and the rain
But I cannot flee this clouding thought
Of a child with my blood running through its veins
A kiss, a touch, an act of love
But an act of love it couldn't be
Your lips spew lies into my ears
It isn't me you need
I bow my head in prayer
But the Devil intervenes
So I tie my worries to an anchor
And dive into an unforgiving sea


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