Problems in the Pavement

Sun, 05/22/2016 - 13:09 -- kagami
  • "I feel the beat of my own words as they tumble
  • A stutter, a jump in the waves of age that crash
  • Down, encircling my head, shooting an emotional gun
  • A bang in bed, so hard it breaks.
  • The love causes a concussion."  
  • I think too much.
  • I've lost the inspiration I've used since I was a child.
  • I can't just let thoughts fall from my lips like they used to.
  • I wish I could speak out about emotion;
  • The path they've led me down,
  • And have people think they're beautiful and heartfelt, 
  • But I don't have that capability because lately my 
  • Mind has been overcrowded and empty, 
  • I contradict myself like a wasp that has no sting. 
  • What's the point? 
  • I am a childhood poet that can't write or rhyme, 
  • I am an adolescent performer with no character, 
  • An adult artist without a clear muse and so 
  • I scribble on a page hoping to find 
  • Someone who will respect my patheticness.
  • I listen to music, wishing that I could sound like 
  • The people who know what to do the next day, 
  • Because I have no clue. 
  • Thinking that far ahead leaves holes in my vision 
  • Because something is missing,
  • But I cant see far enough to find it!
  • My entire life has been an open book of poetry,
  • Lost languages scattering pages that have been burned and drowned.
  • My entire life has been a magnifying glass, 
  • Trying to find my way, the right way, and society's way,
  • But I can only follow one path and that one 
  • May not even be paved yet. 
  • And as a girl who hated wearing shoes as a child
  • And who looks to her childish heart for guidance, 
  • That may be a problem.
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