Advice I would Give My Younger Self

  1. At 9 you will discover feel that you are

So grown up-and in too many ways you are

Because you have to be but please remember

That it’s okay to be a kid

So if your mother tells you that you’re acting childish

Remind her that you are a child, and that you can’t always

Be an adult


2. At 11 you will find that you’re not everyone’s cup of tea

You can be so honest, so uninhibited by others expectations

Don’t feel ashamed for that. Don’t worry that

You don’t have friends because one day that

Confidence will be your greatest strength

And you will have the best friends you could ever ask for


3. At 12 you will withdraw from yourself and you won’t even

Realize what’s happening until you can’t breathe

But you are so brave and smart and strong so please

Don’t let go of that in anger and fear

It’s okay to have questions about yourself and the world

But don’t let go of your entire life just to find the answers


4. At 13 all of the things that have happened to you will

Finally hit you. Don’t feel ashamed for that. You are not your

Damage you are the way you carry yourself in spite of it.

Even if you’re crawling. Even if you’re gasping.

You are not your damage, love.


5. 13- you are not alone. You may have to create your own family

And it may scare you to let people so close to your heart

But you shouldn’t go it alone

You will not lose who you are just because you’re

Holding someone’s hand


6. 13- it really does get better you just have to

Remember who you are and you have to learn

To balance the soft and the tough sides of you

They are both beautiful but you have to use them together

And when you do things will be SO MUCH BETTER

Remember who you are in your soul


7. At 14 you will still be recovering from 13

But honey you don’t need to escape to another world

To be better. You have all the tools you need

Right there within yourself. So stand on your own two feet

The books and movies are great but you

Have to be present in your life


8. At 15 you will fall in love. She will be mesmerizing

You won’t be able to see past her and please

Please do not worry. Do not let your fear ruin this.

She loves you she loves you but you can’t

Project your worry on her because

She is dealing with her own fears

But you will be so in love and you will learn so much


9. At 16 you’re going to lose yourself. She will

Consume everything that you are

But at 16 you will also find yourself again.

You will stop looking for the sun in her and find it in yourself.

So slow it down, enjoy each stage as it comes because

You will get where you need to be I promise.


10. At 17 enjoy every moment with your best friend.

Eat so much sonic you could burst at the seams

Take so many drives that you could walk the roads

Of this city with your eyes closed. Be a fucking kid.

Embrace your crazy, don’t walk on eggshells

You’re 17! Be insane. Relish in 17. It will always

Remain in your soul. Remember who you are at 17.

Live for yourself.


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