Innocence Dead

Apparitions of my innocence appear to me
Sincerely I can say I miss those days dearly
Back when I was young and couldn't see the world clearly
I'm screaming warnings to a ghost hoping that it's hearing me
Imagine being nine and watching an angel die
And seeing a daemon rise
Empowered by all the lies infesting all of our lives
I did my best to stop it
Believe me I really tried
Believe me I really tried
Like a child inside the Garden of Eden
I found the forbidden fruit and started eating
Started tweaking
Like my high had just started peaking
And all of a sudden I felt myself begin to weaken
Like I was coming down
And I was coming down hard
Like a crash landing
My soul panicked
I began to act frantic
I was conscious of these monsters
That carry choppers
And gun down coppers
I idolized what they accomplished
So young and my soul so tarnished
When I step in front of God for judging can I ask for a plea bargain
In His honor
I never meant to show dishonor
Forgiveness that's what your all about
Isn't it Father
Maybe if I knew you better I wouldn't have to ask
Maybe if I could see my future I wouldn't worry about my past
So much blood my life is stained red
So many tears that I refuse to shed
Because of pride I chose not to cry
This is everything I took in the day that my innocence died


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