You make me feel like "sucks"

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 21:38 -- odliup


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Your troubles were my troubles, your struggles I made my own.
What I got in return was nothing more, but pain.
Now what do I have to show, I am nothing but alone.
My eyes watered like rain, you made me feel so insane.

You hurt me, but why?
"Your stupid as f*ck, for real", is what you would say.
Ignore me and lie, it was as if you wanted me too cry.
I would always obey and you betray.

So many times, I wanted to say good bye.
I don't know why, I couldn't let you go.
So I let you believe a lie, that caused our relationship to die.
It wasn't me, I didn't even know, but I let you believe so.

My hope is you will fade from my mind.
My hope is for true happiness we both will find.

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This was about my first heartache. The title was inspired because the person who I am referring to in the poem, he immigrated to the USA from Jordan and once said "I feel like sucks" meaning he felt bad, and during our relationship he made me feel bad so thats the story behind the title.

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