Speak Your Mind Slam: Overwhelming Reality


As kids we are asked simple questions like, "what do you want to be when you grow up? How old are you? How's life?"  These simple questions are fun to answer because you still would have time to decide.

Now that i'm older, the questions they ask are really getting tough. They expect 18 year olds to choose their college, life long career, and other nerve-wracking stuff.  

How can they expect me to know what I want? I'm really still just a kid... I have to pick a college and decide my major, this is a problem I can't forget.

Reality has hit and i'm realizing now that there's just nowhere left to run. Time is running out and decisions must be made when this year is done.

I'm excited for my future, this much, I can't deny. However, it's scary to think that after graduation, to my teenage life, I must say goodbye.

I'll be starting a new chapter in the beginning of my adult life. My future will start, high school will end, and I'll be on my own to see new sights.

I don't know how to feel; is it excitement or bitterness? I'm ready to move on into the future but i'll miss my friends in highschool, I simply must confess.

I'm scared to think that I might mess up and not take the path meant for me... But at the same time, I know i'll be fine because i'll make my own destiny.

So there. That's what I think about; that's what's going on in my head. I'll pave my own path, take my own chance, and back my decisions until the end.  


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