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Nobody in this world can live without music I feel
And music transcends all boundaries
But still some people seem to have no ear for music
But even these people enjoy some kind of music or song for
whatsoever small duration,
Even if they deny it.

Music they say was created during the time of creation
Plants grow well if they hear harmonious music
Music is of many types rock, harmonius music that makes you peaceful, romantic
Teenagers especially like romantic, wild, freaky music
Older people like to listen to peaceful songs of the olden times
Music especially when played loudly makes one dance to its beats
And makes one express his or her feelings in this way
Trumpets when blown produces loud music
Drums when beaten also produce loud music and people dance to its beats
But now all types of songs along or without background music
are available in cassettes or CDs to steal your heart away.....


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