Baby Blue Eyes

You awaken with bright blue eyes,

They twinkle with flecks of your future.


Wrapped in the blanket of love,

You are safe

In your mother’s arms.


But it’s a wicked world out there,

You are not safe for long,

Once you can walk on two legs you are the target.

I can keep you safe.


Build walls strong enough to keep out the fiercest dragons,

But know when to tear them down for love.

Trust you have everything you will ever need inside of you,

You heart is your toolbox,

Don’t be afraid to open it.


Feel pain,

Know it is the most valuable thing the world has to offer.

People will stab you with the sharpest knives,

Leaving wounds so deep you will give up,

For a night.

But remember you are stronger than you think.


Baby Blue Eyes,

Enter this world ready to give all of yourself to it and leave with no regrets.


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