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Inspired to do my best by those you wouldn't expect. High expectations given to me by those who don't provide my basic needs. I wonder how life would be if I didn't believe in grinding. If I didn't have this mind set of aye you gotta floor it you gotta keep driving. I doubt i'd be alive today. Trouble youth and even more a minority would be my big picture. But I framed my life a lil' differently I hope you're getting the big picture. By the age of 25 its said a black man will either be dead or in jail. If those were ever your hopes for me I hope to God i'm giving you hell. Hope these lines that I recite take ya might and freeze ya mind like a hail storm in the middle of the night. This is my story, this is for me to tell. From beginning through the rest, a tale of success And never an ounce of my ambition starting to fail. I do this for my moms, I do this for my supporters. I do this for my grandmuva, I do this for all those who like what I do but won't say it. I do this for all my lurkers. I do this for future me, and I do this for future reporters that ask me who I do it for. I have only begun to crack the door to my journey, to my success. Best believe that when the nay sayers throw me their worst i'll give them, plus the ones who want me to win my best. I'll walk around undefeated with a symbol on my chest. Just to show the world my power. I'll make a difference and stand out, like spring and the first flower. I will live up to my potential. I will be monumental.


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