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My relationship with my mother Has been a series of trust falls And she's never once caught me . But I keep leaning backwards And hating myself When I inevitably hit the ground .
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care You could offer them the world A field of friends, Connected by roots But when you start to neglect
I have a simple question to ask first to my mother, when you look up at the stars, what do you see? Do you think of yourself? Just as I think of myself?
Her Final Spring She died old, then stillborn, rose; damned destiny grim.   Watched stars begin in off-key chinooks of skulls and skins picked from sea's hoary bed,
  "I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be."  ~ Joan Dideon  
  *THIS POEM contains bad words and other nasty, gritty, poo-poo.  DONT read if you are easily disturbed or young.     
Thank You For not being there When I needed you the most I hope you’re aware That you’re a horrible host How would I learn To be a man without my father The one who shapes his son
  The fact is that you did not raise me  You neglected me  You betrayed me You left me there to figure it all out on my own
I am inspired by my past  Not what I went through, But how long it last. After a while it became abuse, Not physical But mental, and emo-tion-al.
Being neglected. Being rejected. Feeling disrespected. I should have fucking guessed it. Should have excepted. Everybody else fucking does it. Feeling lost and betrayed.
Time is passing, still procrastinating.    With much to endeavor, won’t last forever.   Dream so wild, yet aspects mild.    One moment in time, A thoughtless rhyme.  
I may not relate to those who are happier than me. Although I may not show obvious signs of struggle, I am still lost.
Parted Lips a-POP-olypse The seats of the minivan burst into flame  as rabid fragments of monster carrots feed Death while he
Young childrenUnclothedCold unfedThat go unnoticed by  Parents Drugged Never home Living for themselves Systems Broken RushedRuined Children with no role models Give us no chance For future The child looks at me I am just a child
It's been long,  Struggling, Living life this way,  No longer functioning.   Sporadic moments of clarity, Showing, That life is not, Dsyfunctioning.  
This is a story about a little girl Who spent her childhood Caring for her siblings Loving them with great passion.   This little girl’s biological mother had a boyfriend He was abusive
Dirty blonde hair that was always greasy because your family had one bathroom with six seven eight people and you always came last to every single one. Sisters' boyfriends and strange neighbors
counting knots in the wood slats- the ones i can feel my nonexistent breath bounce off against the ones holding up the musty mattress that does not get granted a body for most of the year silent cabin
Ain’t about that life, ain’t about them drugs I used to be and i wanted to snort coke Wanted to smoke weed like a hood rat Didn’t though cause i was too scared
Dear Lover,  I am not a puppy or a little plaything you can choose because you think I am cute,  I am not a creature you can punish for not behaving how you would like me to,
Dear School Board,   You threaten me with your words With your long sentences of gibberish and peanut butter
Can you see me this time through your clouds of billowing smoke? The last time I was in this place you could not see me Could not feel my beating heart Could not hear me
Dear mom,    I try so hard to forget you exist though i cant help but remember the way you drank your beer or lit your cigarette or introduced me to a new boyfriend
Have you forgotten my worth and escaped from my elegance? Its seeming my china has lost all our relevance. Do I not shine like the bulbs illuminating your stove? I’m near, yet lonesome; I’m a deeply secluded cove.
Every time we communicateThere is no positivityThere's things that you put downThat I think are greatConversations are dullThey drain meWhile the fill you upTear me downWhile they bring you upShatter my heartWhile they toughen yours upI can't take
  He is a hollow shell found on empty beaches You try to get a hold of him, and he breaks in pieces His words are venom but his eyes are tears
I was the lightning As fierce as a bullet My anger ran ravishingly Across a span of millions   You were the cloud Protector of my soul The Calm of my anger
I beg this question upon you,  Tie up my wrists  Bind my heart  Wrap it tenderly beneath your knife  I assure you It does not bleed For bleeding is a sign of death,
I wish to paint your carcass black, Show you all the dark thoughts I've ever had. I wish to tear you limb from limb, Use my anger To show you the pain I'm in.  
You ask for help...  but you run away… How can we feel what you've felt if you don't give us the light of day?  
  Coming home to a quiet house Lights are out Lights are out Eating dinner at an empty table All alone All alone
Torn and Broken Holes and Stains A lost wheel, A missing stitch Time moves on Some forget , Some do not  We used once..... everyday, all day, all the time Now in dust, to rot and rust
Boom! The sound of another gun shot.  Breaking news! Another murder. Seek shelter! Another flood.  What is this?  It is a mad world, but also a bad one. 
You know what's funny? The way you seem to think that all is right in the world. That everything is working out great for you. But you cannot seem to fathom the destruction, put onto others, brought on by you.
it's simple in a woman's mind, don't believe she only wants love. she wants the loyalty, respect, attention, and care: she wants to be put above. loyalty means commitment, respect means good character,
When he came into my life Everything changed like never before I became someone I despised I dressed differently I stopped talking to the people around me I even strayed away from my classes
I come home early like you said I should, But you stare at me like I intrude. This is my home too mother. So stop treating me like I am a bother.   Why do you forget that I am just a kid?
I hate the world. Especially when I find myself In an office on a hot afternoon   This is not my cup of tea. I am busy talking to people I couldn’t care less about; About shit nobody cares about.
An ache in your chest Dunno where we stand Happy memories ablaze Standing hand in hand Where it all began Nobody can say The end was unexpected A world fell apart
It’s Christmas. My first without you. I try to act happy, but I can’t. I want you back with every once in my body!
I live in a world full of deaf people With nonsense parents always unaware While their child cries up in their steeple They neither hear nor do they even care   A time of life, a time of truth
I lied for your attention. “It’s broken” “Sorry, ran out of ink” “I had to shut it down because of the storm” All of these excuses I told Not because I hated you But because I loved you
Imagine this huge castle- and in this castle, you’re the king. Or a queen or whatever. But there’s nobody to serve you- and yet you’re happy to be alone and rule a world entirely your own.
No one Not even the rain Can quite feel my pain As I call out your name And its a shame That you left me in vain While I crawled on the floor leaving a small blood stain
I've never... Found a treasure... Like you... My Treasure, Sure is hard to here from you But it's fine I get busy too... Maybe one day we'll shine Mostly me since, you're mine...
I remember—
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
Woo hoo. Donald Duck film at school today. I'm so happy I'm five, cause now I get to do all the fun things and stuff.    Donald showed me what to do if a fire comes to my house
cheater, cheater,     punkin eater,   daddie's little snack 
So many years- I said and I said   
I feel the shadow of fear creeping down the dark hall         slipping noticed into the room - my eyes squinched tight           But i know that shadow even with my eyes closed don't I        
I had a little bunny - and honey was her name 
Do you know what it smells like to die?
am I crazy?         so I've been fucking told!                  I always thought I would save the world from pain.        
I drop to my knees   
Rear view mirror
I wake from dreams where terrors creep 
I am the voice of the children.
He shines with light    a sheep they say 
Why me God?
Give me your pain   I will put it with mine 
A father takes,  eyes closed, that which he has no right 
                                              Tiptoes, softly, gently steering he towards me, and me I'm fearing thief of childhood ever nearing   INNOCENCE OF 8 EYES DIE
My ears pick out his sounds - in the dead of the night 
I'm Seventeen. I talked to my counselor today. The school won’t let me back to class without a note from a therapist;
Broken home, a broken promise, broken bottle of green tinted glassStayed up late to watch over you, now I’m dozing off in class
Do you hear that silent cry for help?  Do you feel the punches, the harsh objects,  On their innocent skin? 
I'm all alone on this rainy, cold and empty street.  Where have you gone? Do you still care about me? Look i see a light on! I'm limping up to the door hoping to find you there.
Neglect–ed Ringed out with blood and stretch marks. Wrinkles written in between the crevices of my eyes. They sting and burn. Fighting, fighting, and falling. I kept falling. I failed.
Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she s
Run quick rabbit run   Away from all your problems   Hide quiet rabbit hide
In an indefinable world Only able to transcribe Sensations and experiences Through words, sentences and phrases A translation, misread Lead to schematics Of life dynamics
An insatiable appetite. The gluttony stains your lips. Each day, each second, unwavering, yearning for more. Your cries are often heard, always heard, but does mine reach you?
I Love Lucy “Lucy, I’m Home!”   October, 1941; Lucille Ball entered the hearts and homes of Millions of American men and Women.
Humans are so fragile They must be taken care of. But animals don't matter Since they're never given love.   You begin to walk away Like you did no harm. The animals died today
his hands caresses every curve of my undeveloped body every touch; it burns of sin i scream but no one hears me i struggle but he wont stop  tears, anguish and frustration  sweat escaping through help
I now stand alone; the last of my kind. My ears search the woodland for a familiar sound, but i am disregarded with silence. My mind is astray with thoughts of affliction and revenge. I am overcome with all loss of communication.
I sit in the dark and listen to the sound of laughter and joy but more importantly I hear the LOVE they have with each other.
I'll be fine on my own And your words break my fragile bones. I'm done with the negativity,
Do you lie in bed at night wondering about the victorious one? What he must be hiding from you, do you ever pray for a sign? It doesn't take miracles, and I know you're not blind
I had a dream last night A dream that it all went right From day one, there you were Out of the blue you cared about me Where the hell did that come from?   I always thought I needed you
You don’t know Do you What it’s like Not to be loved Not to have What you Take for granted: A home.   What do you Know about Hunger and Pain and
it was cold that night. i was alone and scared. a friendly little girl picked me up after i hesitated going to her. she knew i was cold. she could tell i hadnt eaten in a while. 
The job that would change my life is becoming a Veterinarian. I want to help animals and care for them. Ever since I was at the age of 9 and I got my first puppy for Christmas I knew I loved animals and wanted to help them in any way I can.
What have I done? Why do you beat me? Why won't you answer me when I cry throughout the night? These questions are running through their heads What wrong have they done? They just want your love
You don't want your child? That's not your choice. You made that.  How can you look at her face  And deny her? She's your blood Your legend.   What has the world come to?
A letter to my mother   My mother hates me and I don’t know why We just can’t seem to see eye to eye She disrespects me to the ump degree Now I’m going to tell you what’s in my decree  
how could you hurt something so defenseless how could you not love something so innocent shame on you, just shame on you a life that hurts an animal is less than a life to me
I watched as the stranger beat my mother with a rod. I watched as he threw her onto a truck. I watched as the stranger beat my father with a rod. I watched as they threw him onto a truck.
  Our future depends on US.
i bring home a warm soul a bouncing tail a warm tongue what a gift   its nature is wild it runs with delight happy panting what a gift   it misbehaves
He had dreams without Ambitions; A house, but not a Home.
I've only just discovered this, there's no way you can tell me that this is fake!
A man that made her feel safe Took her in like she was his own Betrayed her by making his claim  It was ruthless. She called out for help No one heard her scream Belittled to nothing -- nothing at all
There’s a boy
Hold your children. If you are going to be shitty at least be consistent. The truth is important (but sometime you need to wait until someone asks).
Animals are family, are love
 i wanna be free, like in the books that i read, let my words mean more tha
You just don't get it All that I go through.  All that everyone has to go through. You say, oh you have it so easy. The stress piled on feels like I am never going to get out from under this.
I am the spiritual leader of this home, he says You belong to me, he says I belong to no one, i scream In my head.... You remind me of myself, he says We are the same, he says
Some people say the dead cannot speak. They speak. We speack. I speak.
Enjoy your four years of high school, They said.
There it goes again. Another fist to their jaws, Another bomb to their world That you promised was bombsheltered. They’re sick and tired Of being tired and sick. Yet you’ve done nothing
I lift my ears, lift my eyes Look up to the cloudy sky Rain falls, soaking me people hold their noses Why can't someone embrace me For who I am For who I will be I want to help
I lift my ears, lift my eyes Look up to the cloudy sky Rain falls, soaking me people hold their noses Why can't someone embrace me For who I am For who I will be I want to help
We have feelings too, sir. I'm sorry for whatever I did. I promise, it won't happen again, sir. Why must you do this to a being much less powerful than you. I limp, I bleed, I cry, because of you, sir.
Get me out of this placeMy heart breaks like glassLet it shatter and it runs a different paceIt's messing with my head, one minute i'm with you now suddenly i'm hereWhen will this end?
Why me? I thought you loved me? You picked me up and saved me. Why? Why did you want a friend? To make another creature feel miserable                                                              
come and look into this child eyes can you tell the life she live is a lie living each day like its alright never let her feelings out never even cry its hard for her
A brick is a domesticated rock. It sits and stares but never talks.
A brick is a domesticated rock. It sits and stares but never talks.
  Don’t speak the truth, but don’t be a liar At least, that’s how Mommy says I should be She says it’s the only way To explain my black and blue shoulders and knees  
Liar, Liar pants on fire   “Mama,” her body began to spark more and more with each step “I’m going to Emily’s house,” her eyes began to glow hungry for fuel
Hope is a knife, faith is murder. She cries out to you, but you haven't heard her, because the truth is you don't care, and deep down she knows, but her hope is just the thorns on a wilted rose.
Teacher! Teacher! Can't you see? I'm in the back turn your eyes to me. My hand is up and I'm ready to learn, Everyone else knows, now it's my turn. I want to know about America's history,
With my neck in the collar and the collar to the leash, I have nothing to live for, except eating loose meat.   I once had a mother, she understood me, Now I have nothing
I write to release the anger and anguish of a childhood lost. I write to tell the story of becoming a mother and father to a baby brother at the age of thirteen.
  The children, the children Will anyone care A little girl just wants somebody to care   So badly, so badly They want to be loved Who to call mommy Who to call daddy  
I couldn't say to you what I'd really like to--This morning I woke up with an aching head,My arm had three bruises instead of one--You are my teacher, but who am I to you?
the Girl with the Red Hair, the scowled lips the Pretentious curl,The sun's grace, but as fierce as snake venom.Tongue made of butterfly wings and unspoken dreams. I watch from afar,
Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is                        shattering. Ignorance is                                        cruelty. Ignorance is                                                        isolating.
The stray child, between her two eyes resting on the bridge out of sight. The slight tickle of a fleeing thought at the front of her mind. He kisses her brow good night and is forever lost, the stray child.
Dear God, Where were you? Sincerely, Daughter of an alcoholic narcissist.   Dear Father, Where were you? Sincerely, Daughter of an alcoholic narcissist   Dear Mother,
To my father whose blows bruised my body and my heart Who did everything in his power to make me feel like less of a man Whose hands, rough and worn by the harsh realities of life, I still fear to this day I write to you.
As children we scribbled on paper so white, Counting the colors, Enjoying the sight, Of the marvelous splendor, Of something we made, Showed it to mom, Then went out and played.  
I remember when the fireflies danced in the night When hearts grew warmer, as coldness sprouted to life. When a single sign of affection brewed a storm inside of me and I pursued the glimpse of happiness.
Mama, I know when You look into my eyesYou see him.When my hand reached Over to hold yoursI knew why you never held them tight.My hands were aLittle replica of his.When my little hands
There comes a time when we all hold a responsibility For what the world is and what it could be But we often get trapped in our own reality Concerned only with the well-being of our families
  every exasperated sigh is a painful reminder of how unhappy you are here. I cringe when I hear you You are like a machine on its last run, ready to give in at any given moment
I laid on his shoulder Recognizing his ceiling His breathing so calm So full of deception I loved him I'd fallen so hard it hurt He'll change tomorrow I'd say
She always used to say that the world was so unfair that the time was never right to save Her, for everyone lives for themselves, heartbreak a person itself where privacy lies only in thoughts
Too young to understand too naïve to comprehend But you’ve sold me short. You’ve pulled the wool over your own, building up the walls of your fort.
I used to skate in circles I was afraid the pond couldn't carry me Others danced around me Past my corner of the pond Did they think of me often? I thought of them in constance
Scarlet Letter , a message to the masses There's a killer in our sheets, so rap it up before you catch it Or check it up before you pass it , no exceptions To the slash list, so please avoid, the dash, on that
Homelessness, anarchy, terrorism This is reality. Wars, drugs, abortions This is reality. Global warming, corruption, debt This is reality. AIDS, alcohol, smoking This is reality.
They provide answers to those who are new, About questions of life, of faith, of love, As the old scurry from what they knew true.
Deep in these streets Where it's easy to lose One's self without warning Where all hell ensues Where death is dealt Day to day From one hand to the other In a sneaky way Where moms run amok
The very little memories I have of you Makes me not want to be around you The once in a blue moon chance we get You turn your head as if you didn’t see me. Life is short like someone once told me
This is a take over for the Earth. I wish you drowning in dreams as it seems. the planet will be dead soon anyway. I hope you cut your throat and bleed blue, because thats how I feel.
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