The Little Girl With No Voice

This is a story about a little girl

Who spent her childhood

Caring for her siblings

Loving them with great passion.


This little girl’s biological mother had a boyfriend

He was abusive

Both verbally, physically, and emotionally


For six years she lived in a small apartment with more than 10 people with only three rooms

By the time it reached the fifth year, this girl had become a young women and soon found herself in depression


“I’m sad,” she told her counsellor, “I’m sad because my mother choose her boyfriend over us once again.”

It took another year before a relative took this girl in.


Now this girl has various problems:



Seasonal and Major Depression

Schezrotypical Personality Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder


This girl could not cope with society


Now this girl is the age of 20 and has to take medicine to cope with society and

Learn what she should of known and learned as a child.


These are the effects of trauma, abuse, and the failure of the system CPS




These are the effects of a child who is with their mother

These are the effects of this statement

These are the effects are your philosophy in order to weaken a already poor society

These are what you do to us.


You do not want to take a child away from her mother because she whines

Because she promises she will be better

Because she goes to classes and passes them


But as soon as you give her back her children


The routine starts again

She is smarter because she knows what is coming

She knows now how to play the system

You have fallen and because of that you will be a fool judged on judgement day.


You have let her get through the system

Her and her ten children


Child number one living out in the world at 16 and sold himself to science

Child number two, a whore in her own ways

Child number three, suicidal and bulimia

Child number four, raped

Child number five, this little girl is dead

Child number six, still trying to fight for her life

Child number seven, anger and depression

The rest are just another child in society waiting to be burned at the stake.


This is not the account of one girl’s family but many


Her cousin pregos at 16 with no education and fights is all she knows

Her younger sister jumped by eight people and pushed in front of a car and now like her father is disabled.


Where are these fathers?

To insane to cope with society

Locked away in an asylum where only the crazies go.


These are the homes of the poor

The restless

The useless


These are the children you keep sending them back to.


The cycle starts,

It starts over

Another child burned that the last moreover.


You could not believe what you do not want to


So go ahead, give a child back to her mother.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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