Thanks For Nothing

Thank You

For not being there

When I needed you the most

I hope you’re aware

That you’re a horrible host

How would I learn

To be a man without my father

The one who shapes his son

In my case, you didn’t bother

Though you did influence me

To act oppositely

I plan to be

More of a man than thee

Where were you

When I needed to learn how to tie a tie?

Where were you

When I needed relationship advice?

Where were you

When I tried to ride a bike?

Where were you

When I needed to learn how to fight?

I don’t remember anything since I started to crawl

It’s alright; I’m doing fine without you

I can teach myself better than you ever could do

Turns out, you helped teach me a lot

I learned how not to trust you to provide

I learned that money for my education was not put aside

You think the government

Knows how to make you care for me

How ironic, it’s not all about the money

It’s funny how life’s challenges made me stronger

Putting aside childish things

I am a boy no longer

Unlike you, I’d sacrifice myself

For my own family

Without you

My mom made a man out of me


This poem is about: 
My family


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