He had dreams without Ambitions;

A house, but not a Home.

He was belonging to Nowhere,

All he could do was roam.

He roamed into houses and His Hands

always came out filled.

He tried to fill the void His Dad Left;

Life can't be Rebuilt.

Still He tried to look for Love

in the Lowest of Places,

and in the process,

He had stepped on A Million Faces.

No one was there to show Him True Love

it left him Empty.

He didn't know that "The Father"

would always be plenty.

In Homes without a Mother

there will be No Way to thrive

In Homes without a Father

it can be Hard to Survive.

Without a good example

He tried to Live His own Life

With All that had happened

He managed to Get His own Wife.

He Vowed to be Better

but didn't know where He could start.

Not even the cry of a Child

could soften his Stone Heart

"Like Father Like Son"

we always hear Every Single Day

Why is it so hard for a Man

to Make His own Way?


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