Tears of Innocence

What have I done?

Why do you beat me?

Why won't you answer me when I cry throughout the night?

These questions are running through their heads

What wrong have they done?

They just want your love

Your attention is all they ask

They don't understand why they are beaten

Why they are abused

They can't fend for themselves

They just sit there and take it

They can only try to hide

The tears

They run down their nose and into their fur

Why doesn't anyone help us?

If they could speak they would stand up for themselves

It's horrifying to see how they are treated

How neglected they are by their owners

How they die for nothing

Their blood covers the street and grass like a blanket

This needs to be stopped!

The abuse of these innocent animals

Yet, for most

Help never comes

Or if it does

It's too late

What have I done?

Why do they beat me?

For most of them

They can only question why they are treated this way

For others

They die before they get to experience love

Before they get to know what they could have had

They die with those questions

With the memories of the hurt

Don't let them die in vain anymore

Let's put a stop to this insanity


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