Dining Room

Have you forgotten my worth and escaped from my elegance?

Its seeming my china has lost all our relevance.

Do I not shine like the bulbs illuminating your stove?

I’m near, yet lonesome; I’m a deeply secluded cove.

Yet I promise, I promise I gleam with potential.

Lord knows that my cupboards store all your essentials.

You’ve ripped me apart and modernized my elements,

I try and I try yet fall short of lost sentiments.


Pass through me again; I’m a shadow to you.

My walls have no meaning, my wooden floors, no value.

My trim is still silver, my mirrors still shimmer.

Untouched, in mint condition I am; without holding one single dinner.

Are you blind to my power? Unfazed by such decor?

Once you loved me. I know it. Have I changed since before?

Or, is it you who’s remodeled after your chicks cleared the nest?

Is my vacancy a mere symptom of your pained, empty chest?


Your dwindling numbers drained me, that’s it!

Six, five, four, three and soon only two will sit.

I’m a symbol of heartache; the ones come and gone.

Withdrawal is the case for which my drapes have been drawn.

Oh, please, I beg of you: resummon the pack.

Just grant me this wish for the memories we won’t get back.

For soon my china will be boxed; soon this odyssey will start over.

Let me serve one last purpose before I’m just a Dining Room to a new owner.

This poem is about: 
My family
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