That night

it was cold that night.

i was alone and scared.

a friendly little girl picked me up after i hesitated going to her.

she knew i was cold.

she could tell i hadnt eaten in a while. 

i was frail, bruised almost broken.

my heart hurt from the apin i had suffered.

but this place was nice, i could tell.

i got a warm bed.

fresh, clean water.

a new litter box.

but i still had those nightmares.

that old woman hitting me. 

that old man kicking me.

no food. 

no warm bed.

no water.

i was a devil to them.

but to this new girl... i was an angel.

we fell inlove. 

she knew she couldnt get rid of me.

when her mother told her she had to she cried for days.

luckily her grandfather said he wanted me.

he was nice.

he was my person.

but then he got sick...

i got sick then too..

i couldnt watch that happen to my person. 

he loved me and cared for me then one day...


it was all gone...

in a matter of days i went from loved and happy to hurt and broken.

i miss him.

i saw him after he left.

he helped that little girl escape her crazy mother.

she hit that little girl.

just like that old couple hit me.

i needed to help save her. 

after all she saved me.

we left that place. 

we got a new house.

we got a warm bed.


fresh water.




we were finally safe.

I helped save that little girl.

she saved me.

it was then i went from a stray ally cat.

to a loving house cat.

over night. 


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