Their Child


Coming home to a quiet house

Lights are out

Lights are out

Eating dinner at an empty table

All alone

All alone

And when she's home she's silent

We rarely exchange words

And he's hardly ever around

His child holds him down


Their child takes them away

From all my important days

All the talent shows

The sporting events

They said they'd try to come

She came to a few

But he came to none


As I grew up time passed by

The conversation between her and I

Slowly but very surely died.

Now she continues to care for her child

The child that cries, cries, and cries.


Him and I are kin

But I very rarely see him

Unless I go clock in


Seeking their affection

The child still holds their attention.

I've tried, tried, and tried.


Never once have we had a vacation

Her eyes show true frustration

The child can never be left alone

It's hard for us to leave our home.


Because of their child

I am given luxuries

But none, yes none

None of it matters to me.


Our time together is drawing an end

Soon I'll be off to college

I can always use paper and pen

But that just doesn't reprimand

All the years they’ve missed

Every memory they’ve dismissed.


Their child holds them down

Please turn things around

This child is not me

In a household of three.

He shows true ignorance

But she too can witness

That their child is

Their business.



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