When he came into my life

Everything changed like never before

I became someone I despised

I dressed differently

I stopped talking to the people around me

I even strayed away from my classes

His voice was captivating and pulled me in

We became one and the outside world disappeared

My wardrobe darkened and so did I

I accepted his darkness

Others were worried

But he didn’t care

He would just tear me down to nothing

As time went on we remained as one

Until one day I saw a glimmer of light

It called to me and I let go of his hand

I started to walk towards it and he got angry

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me away

I didn’t fight and just stayed with him

But I wanted to find that light again

I slowly started to change back into myself

All he could do was watch in disbelief

He scolded me as I wore my normal clothes again

He stormed away when I would talk to other people

As I tried to slowly tear down the wall I had built

He would try to put it back together

He began to despise me as I did him

Some days he held me against my will

Some days I would break free

I didn’t want to tell anyone about him

I thought I was protecting myself

When I was really protecting him

When I finally spoke out

He was very upset with me

After bringing me to the lowest point I had ever been

I was ready to let go

I packed his bags kicked him out

He banged on the door to be let back in

I refused and started my search for that light

After some time I finally found it

And this time when I reached out

Someone pulled me in from the other side

When I look back

I still see him lingering there


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