A brick is a domesticated rock. It sits and stares but never talks.

 I applaud the silence and wipe my tears while soundless screams fill up my head desperately gasping for air. I try to drown my demons but someone’s taught them how to swim, Maybe that’s why she was afraid of love but not afraid of sin.     I hide the pain and strike the match just to watch it burn. The soundless screams fill up my head seeking to be heard. I try to make a noise but only Silence fills the air. I bleed the love I desperately want but no one seems to care  I wipe away my tear stains but they’ve sunk deep into my soul. Madness living inside my head while poison stings the soul I guess that’s why she couldn’t love a human but a tree, because human’s change and so will I but a tree will stay concrete. She runs away from fear of never being loved, but as I crave attention only silence fills my lungs. So Applaud,   Applaud,   Applaud,  At the love you never gave. 

For a brick is a domestic rock, but you‘ll always be the same.


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