I Write To You


To my father whose blows bruised my body and my heart

Who did everything in his power to make me feel like less of a man

Whose hands, rough and worn by the harsh realities of life, I still fear to this day

I write to you.


To the two boys who violated me

Who saw nothing wrong in taking away my innocence

Whose false love continues to taint my search for love today

I write to you.


To my mother who kept silent

Who sewed a tight and painful seal across her mouth

Who pretended that everything was all right, even as her true Voice relentlessly tried to pick apart the stiches desperately trying to keep it inside

I write to you.


To my teachers who were so blind

Who only saw what they wanted to see

Who, like Odiepus, should be stabbing at their eyes mercilessly

I write to you.


To my peers that see me as entertainment

Who enjoy attaching to me to strings so that you can do as they please with me

Whose venomous actions poison me worse than any chemical ever could

I write to you.


I write to you


I write because of you


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