The fact is that you did not raise me 

You neglected me 

You betrayed me

You left me there to figure it all out on my own

Alone and no where to really call a home

I cant recall the good

Just a lot of the bad

Late nights

A drink in your hand

The slurring of your speech

The constant battle of you falling asleep

I can’t help but hate you 

Even though you’re my mom

The love of a mother 

Is like no other

The love I received

Was filled with toxicity and greed

Taking dollar after dollar from my own father

You never cared about me 

You cared only about what you received

I can’t help but be defiant

I never felt like you were trying to be a mother

A mother who was there for her children

A mother who was sober to see them grow

A mother who cared and it really showed

It’s sad for me to say I don’t love you

But that love is almost gone

You have betrayed my trust

Time and time again

I don’t know where you let it all go wrong


This poem is about: 
My family
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