A Cry Explained

You ask for help... 

but you run away…

How can we feel what you've felt if you don't give us the light of day?


Questions that are so familiar to me and those like me 

Usually we just exhale and let it be. 

But this time I'm going to show you what to do. 

How we, others, fight for those like you. 



You say you're always there but where you at?

You're not close enough to hear my heart beat tat-tat-tat

You've never been there just to hold me 

How can you even say that you know me 

Look and see this pain in my eye 

You see, I know. Quit playing that's a blatant lie 

I cry and I scream 

But you look at me and deem

All of this to be nothing but life 

Man you don't get that this is more than daily strife 

This is my daily life 

You're passiveness is like a heated knife 

Put in my gut and shoved to my throat 

Why haven't you listened to the letters I wrote 

You see me over here crying 

But you too far away to notice that I'm dying


*break. Heart beat. Breathing* 


Now that you see me whatcha gonna do? 

I've made my move now it's on you 

You gonna sit back and continue with your passiveness 

Or just stay there and laugh at this

I hope you will have some heart and grab at this 

Reach out, grab me, help me get pass all this 

Come after me with love give me hope

Don't throw me a line and feed me dope 

What I need is something real 

Something that will last something real 

Why you always trying to be fake with me 

I'm telling you that's where you mistake may be 

Do you hear me? 

Understandable this is real to me 

I want to be free why you can't you even say you feel for me!? No way you'll ever be near to me. 


We...have a lot of trouble..,

We're calling out for help...

Will you be there? Give us your ear? 

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Who am I kidding. You still ain't even close enough to see our fear 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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