Ghetto ain't shit


United States

Ain’t about that life, ain’t about them drugs

I used to be and i wanted to snort coke

Wanted to smoke weed like a hood rat

Didn’t though cause i was too scared

My mama did crack, loved them rocks

Made me buy them all the time and clean her pipe

Pipe smell

Cigarette tar leaked from the ceiling, we didn’t care

Yeah the ghetto is so cool for you white folks

Love saying nigga don’t you?

Ain’t nothing cool about it when you move

Where there ain’t no ghetto

In the ghetto, it ain’t cool to talk like this

Words that slump together like government housing

It’s only cool when you make it

Like success like Obama or MLK

Or Kendrick Lamar

Ghetto is phlegm and blood and STDs

We stuck cause the government told us we stuck

You good? Lil mama listen sell them rocks

Don’t dap the niggas with them color bandanas

And never look a cop in the eye unless

You wanna be shot between yours

Yall wanna be ghetto, fine take it

Wanna be black? Take mine

I wanna be white, but i wanna be colored

Wanna be proud

Ain’t got no pride, no goddamn pride


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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