Dear Teacher I Adore


Teacher! Teacher! Can't you see?

I'm in the back turn your eyes to me.

My hand is up and I'm ready to learn,

Everyone else knows, now it's my turn.

I want to know about America's history,

But I fear you can't see me, why: it's a mystery.

There are so many others here in our class,

There are more students now than there's been in the past.

I wonder if you can handle us all, there's so many and not enough time,

But I know you'll call on me one of these days, the next name I know will be mine.


Teacher! Teacher! Call on me!

I'm in the back turn your eyes to me.

My hand is up and I know what to say,

Let me be the smart one just for today.

I want to tell you and recieve a bright smile,

Like my peers have all this long while.

There aren't a lot of hands in the air, but I know,

There isn't another that has this "I've got the answer" glow.

I wonder if you will notice me, I could be too far away,

But I know you'll see me at some point, you'll call my name today.


Teacher! Teacher! Did I do something bad?

I know I get in trouble sometimes but... did I make you mad?

My hand was up and I knew what say,

Let it be that you just forgot my name today.

I wanted just to say something smart for once in class,

Like all my peers have done so much in the past.

There weren't a lot of hands in the air but this time mine was there,

There must have been something in your eye, perhaps the bright light's glare.

I wonder if you just forgot me, like so many times before,

But that's okay dear teacher, dear teacher, I adore.



Very nice! Repetition adds a desperate, aching need for what the speaker longs for throughout the poem. Good job on not forcing the rhyme scheme too much by making it choppy. However, it kind of ends loosely and abruptly with a word that might have not fit all too well, but overall very good!


Thank you for your help! I really appreciate the feedback ^w^


Your poem starts out exactly like mine... Lol


Wow! You know what they say: Great minds think alike ^w^

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