This is a take over


United States
32° 20' 21.03" N, 104° 22' 45.0876" W

This is a take over for the Earth.

I wish you drowning in dreams as it seems.

the planet will be dead soon anyway.

I hope you cut your throat and bleed blue,

because thats how I feel.

I have burned the lands and buildings

of everyones imagination.

So you cant hide,

I dont wish you love,only

pain I hope you gain in the future.

I want you nearly alive.

for me to hurt you more.

You shouldn't have done

what you did and you know it.

So what now?

It's your turn

on the checkered board my friend.

You're just a pond

and im a knight

I shall stand my ground.

to protect others from you.

Why dont you just die already?


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