Ignorance is Everywhere

Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance is                        shattering.

Ignorance is                                        cruelty.

Ignorance is                                                        isolating.

Ignorance is                                                                        abandonment.


It’s the              shout of a suicide bomber

As he stands in a swarm of innocents.

It’s the                                      look of a scared black kid

Crying from the cuts of the Caucasians.

It’s the                                                    idiotic idea that everyone

               Lives identical lives on their iphones.

It’s the                                                                          anemic adolescent

                        Asking for food in Africa.


Ignorance is not a joke.

Ignorance is letting people

                         Be unsympathetic to strangers,

          Consent to callousness,

               Idolize their own lifestyle,

                         And allow adversity to remain.


But ignorance

Does not have to

Be anything.

If people would

 Simply support,

          Commit to Kindness,

                Initiate human interaction

                         And act on awareness.

Only then will

Bliss come;

When the issues

Are not

Ignored further.


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