Give me your pain   I will put it with mine 
I will save it for later in the back of my mind 
Give me your tears    I will keep them around 
To be taken out daily and worn with a frown 
Give me your fears  I will put them away 
For what good is fear when I die every day 
Give me your hatred   I will use it with care 
To direct at myself when I lay my soul bare 
But don't give me a kindness   I could never return 
Because bitterness and hatred is all I have learned 
Do not give me your love   for it wouldn't be safe 
I've a hole in my heart with no love to replace 
Do not give me your trust   for I wouldn't know how 
Mine has always been broken  replaced only with doubt 
And don't give me your laughter   for it would not sit well 
With the pain and self loathing that lives where I dwell

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