Neglect Never Helped Anybody

As children we scribbled on paper so white,

Counting the colors,

Enjoying the sight,

Of the marvelous splendor,

Of something we made,

Showed it to mom,

Then went out and played.


As it hangs on the fridge,

Admired and praised,

Self esteem in the child we were is raised.

But now it’s all wrong,

As we grow and progress,

It seems we get praised less and less.


Something appearing in our eyes as great,

Is twisted,


Into something we hate.

Drowning our dreams,

Increasing our fears,

Makes us scream in the dark,

And cover our ears.


We are young and we’re bold,

But won’t do what we’re told,

We’ll keep fighting to be,

The potential they can’t see.


Someday we’ll make it big,

Not caring what they say at all,

Trying hard to prove our worth,

And standing up after we fall. 


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