Some people say the dead cannot speak.

They speak.

We speack.

I speak.

But the world refuses to listen.


The world is afraid.

We too are afraid.

I am afraid.

So please listen.


Their was a teenage mother 

and her beautiful baby daughter.

The father 

had left them all for another.


The strong mother did not mind

she had moved on for some time

But the small baby whined

And whined and whined.


Misfortune was approaching

The mother met another boy

The teenager's name was Troy


Troy was more than a bad boy

He liked to play with people like toys

To him,

Everybody was a toy.


One day, Troy had come over

to help the baby mother.

She left to take a shower

and the baby was left in his power.


As the mother took her time.

Troy held the baby.

Touched the baby.

Stripped the baby.

And stripped himself.


The baby cried.

and screamed.



Troy was gone, and mommy was done.

She called for the only one.

Who thought could help her 

and her dead child.


The cops came and so did baby's father.


She was accused of child abuse

and neglect

Her story was





Her story was true.

But her listeners were in neglect.


The world is in neglect.


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