Let's give a big shout out to all those parasites out there 

vile and creepy 
full of doom 
entering at night 
by the light of the moon 

slyly scoot across the room 
nails click on floor 
a malicious tune 
clicking clicking be there soon 

invading bodies 
while they sleep 
parasitic ones 
you go too deep 

traversing thru body 
thru heart getting fed 
undulating darkly 
they bloody our beds 
they cant live without us 
they'll breed till were dead 

inside our bodies 
swimming thru veins 
parasitic ones eating up our brains 
till finally we're crazy 
completely deranged 

Vandellia cirrhosa 
Loa Loa too 
these deadly parasites 
got nothing on you 

you leave when your done 
you search for another 
what is your deadly name 

we all call you FATHER



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