His Hands

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 11:49 -- Jizza

his hands caresses every curve of my undeveloped body

every touch; it burns of sin

i scream but no one hears me

i struggle but he wont stop 

tears, anguish and frustration 

sweat escaping through help

get away


his dirty hands aim for the cusp of the temple

help! no don't!

he opens his mouth, evil reveals

his tongue moves closer

and licks every fiber of my being 

protruding the temple of innocence 

screaming, thrashing, a cry so brutal


his hands are cold  

there is no heart beat

there is no love, just fear

he kisses my flat chest and sombers 


his hands crawl of wrinkles and his face so aged

he smiles while his naked flabby body moves up and down mine

my smooth skin diminishing of purity

he slows down 


his hands get tired

he licks me once more

he grabs my panties ,smells them

walks off to bed across from me


i lay there naked with something taken away from me but

i dont know what 

im scared ,stuck like a gun pointed to my direction

confused if it was right or wrong

but he's family, i should trust him

maybe everyone does this

thats why no one came for me

its a tradition

mommy will know

but what will happen to grandpa?





















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