Woo hoo. Donald Duck film at school today.
I'm so happy I'm five, cause now I get to do
all the fun things and stuff. 
Donald showed me what to do if a fire comes to my house
to burn up my brothers and sisters. I never want them 
to die so I'll save them when a fire comes.
I dream about volcanoes flowing over my home
and I am balancing on the step my daddy made in 
the back yard.Everyone floats away on fire except me 
and i can't save them so i wake up screaming.
When i scream, my mouth opens and no sounds come out ever. 
something is always wrong with my voice cause daddy
tells me "no noise" and now I can't make noise come 
out when I scream.
I wake up in my dark room with my arm over my little
sisters neck so the axeman can't chop her in the throat.
her arm is over my neck to save me too. 
that's what brothers and sisters do for each other
I hear the sounds of crying from my older sisters bed
and I sit up and look over and see her covers
all blue and moving. "GO TO SLEEP, SHAUNDA"
says the axeman who is in my sisters bed making her cry.
Oh no, it's the axeman. The blue from the nightlight 
distorts the axeman and he looks just like daddy
but daddy wouldn't hurt us.
Donald duck said that fire is blue sometimes when it's
really hot, so my sister must be burning and crying
from the blue fire the axeman brings.
I get on my belly and crawl like a snake towards
the bedroom door like Donald said to do. I touch
the door with my hand to feel if it's hot and it isn't.
still on my belly i crawl out the bedroom door and 
down the hall into mama's and daddie's room.
I yell "fire , fire, mama. Daddy there's a fire in my room.
I'm crying with the loud hiccupy sounds of the forlorn.
Mama jumps up and say's "What, a fire? " and then she says "wayne, wayne, where are you"?
Daddy comes running down the hall from my bedroom
in only his underware saying, "she just had a
bad dream, Margaret, there's no fire."
Mama looks at daddy with a funny look in her eyes
and demands to know why he was in our bedroom in only his underware. He tells her that I scared my older sister with my bad dream and yelling'fire', and he ran into our room to calm us down.
Daddy guides mama back into their room, 
and turns to me and say's " no more bad dreams young lady."
He gives me the same look he gives me, 
when he tells me not to scream. The "NO NOISE" look.
I know I better not say one word.
I go back to bed crying and the blue fire is gone
from our room. No more night lights for us. 
I don't like them anyways.I lay in bed and think
how much daddy looks just like the axeman.
I put my arm over my little sister's neck and
put her arm over my neck to save us from the axeman
who smells like beer just like daddy does.
I watch for the door knob to move, which tells me 
when the axeman is coming into our room. I vow to 
stay awake and never, ever, go to sleep again. 
If the axeman comes again, I will yell fire. 
I know I will get a spanking, but I know I will
yell fire anyways to save my sister from the axeman. 
That's what brothers and sisters do for each other.
I pray to Donald Duck and thank him for the informative film.
There will be many more fires and many more spankings 
The Axeman isn't done with me yet.
This poem is about: 
My family


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