The Wrath of My Revenge

I wish to paint your carcass black,

Show you all the dark thoughts I've ever had.

I wish to tear you limb from limb,

Use my anger

To show you the pain I'm in.


The dark edges of my thoughts are running thin.

I'm afraid of the insanity I hold within.

This is all just a facade of dreams and reality,

The colors are clashing.

I'm finally giving in.


Everything that was perceived as real,

has always been a sin,

Now your demons are going to win,

And all you can do is watch the destruction.

And once again,

You've brought this upon yourself, my friend.


I'd love to paint your carcass red,

With every war you've ever lead.

For every child's whimpering breath,

I will avenge,

As this is the wrath

Of my revenge.

I will take my pen

And stab you in the back.

I will watch your blood

Pour in black.


As a thousand thunderstorms bleed red,

This war will never end.

Every drop is filled with the blood

Of millions of weeping beds,

Which go unfed.

They've lost their owners,

And thanks to you,

They're never coming back.

And again I tell you my friend,

You've brought this upon yourself.


You probably still don't understand,

Because you continue to pretend,

They are still living undead.

You still haven't realized what you did,

But they remember every word you said.

I implore you, my friend,

Be careful and watch your back,

Because I'm still seeking my revenge,

And I still wish to paint your carcass black.


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