I wake from dreams where terrors creep 
I wake to realize I'm not asleep 
No - little girls don't sleep at night 
They strain their ears - eyes wide with fright 
With hopes of hearing Angels fly 

Oh please dear God - PLEASE not tonight 

But only my pillow hears me call             While God sleeps soundly thru it all 

Rock-a-bye baby - please don't cry - Your Daddies gonna sing you a lull-a-bye 

I hear his footsteps down the hall 
His breath I smell thru door - thru wall 
His laughter echoes in my mind 
I close my eyes so I'll be blind 

Hush sweet darling - don't make a sound - or daddies gonna knock you  round and around 

Open mouth - but silence falls 
Screams go unheard thru lonely walls 
No one hears me - daddy don't 
No one hears me - mama won't 

Only my pillow hears me call -  While god sleeps soundly thru it all 

Rock-a-bye sweet child - now don't you fear - CUZ DADDIES GONNA LOVE YOU FOR YEARS AND YEARS.


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