Don’t speak the truth, but don’t be a liar

At least, that’s how Mommy says I should be

She says it’s the only way

To explain my black and blue shoulders and knees


She says I’m bad, and I know that she’s right

‘Cause why else wouldn’t she love me?

I only hope that maybe some day

I’ll unlock the door to her love with a key


I’m bad because I don’t do what she says

I’m bad ‘cause I made Daddy leave her

I’m bad because I cry at night

And make all the neighbors start rumors


I’m bad because I wish I were

Somewhere far from here

I’m bad because I take away

And hide her pungent beer


I’m bad because I lie at school

Tell Missus it’s my fault

I’m bad 'cause I don’t let her call

When Mommy’s still at work


Sometimes I think of Daddy

When I’m sitting home alone

Where he is, what’s he doing

If he loves me like a son


Since he left, I think maybe

He’s sad and bruised like me

Or maybe, just like Mommy,

He’s already too far gone


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