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Hopping from the bus he trots through puddles, Rain boots squeaking on the concrete. He watches small friend groups huddle Together when they meet.  
MAGIC CARPET RIDE   Come hear my heart Let the sound take you away Feel the melted kiss from yesterday....   Like a floating feather On a magic carpet ride Together
PART I: Sweet sixteen was supposed to be filled with joy and glitter
Longing for human comfort Life loses all meaning A yearning so strong
Let's cleanse our inner self from cobwebs of greed n envy Let's decorate our persona with modesty n generosity Let's make rangoli of care, empathy n kindness Let's outshine the darkness of suffering n oppression
IN MY DREAM   The clothes hanging on my line Are not mine Where have I been Lost again In my dream A floating stream   None of the things belong to me Not that I can see
i was raised to believe that God is in church lately I think that is the last place he would be
The mirror wept, cause Everyone who looked at her Saw only themselves  
Click, click, click time stood as rare as a heart beat, "shes flatlined", panic filled the room like an elpephant, I was bare. Mourning rose as the sun,
To be or not to be  I often struggle with curiosity It’s the downfall to what I’m supposed to be I look for confirmation, someone to guide me
Beady black eyes stare at the egg Dark-feathered wings ruffle in anticipation The tree is silent And the nest is cold. But the crow will wait.  
An untamable spirit, fierce, full of love. As dangerous as a hurricane, more calming than a dove. Some claim she’s a warrior, retaining belligerence.
    May my compassion for each and every being I meet be limitless and sincere May my wisdom transcend all defilements and confusion  Buddha is my true nature, may I always be mindful of this 
    Twinkling in the corner of my eyes  Shining past leaves of the trees I pass by She warms me    Revealing the blinds she is always there  Smiling compassionately with such empathy   
The United States is a free country. People come to it for a better life. Each immigrant comes with a family. A husband settles in it with his wife.   Unlike illegals, he does not break laws.
There's mystery in the depths of the sea. She is like a second home to me;  It's a place where I want to see miracles and breathe tranquility. She is the most beautiful of all existence.
To the one who showed me compassion while he worked endless nights You gave me air to breathe and a heart to beat                                                                         continuously
A single flame that burns inside you It's passion and compassion that lights your way One single flame can help guide you
Once my friend’s mom made me a lunch Never had I ever felt so very touched Simple gestures go such a long way Especially when it’s by such surprise   Smiling and carrying it proud
Dear You, I'm Sorry.  Based on A True Story.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  You were my heart's desire yesterday, and today as wellYou were my need yesterday, and today as well
Creatures. Some are our pets Who do deserve our love. Adopt them to demonstrate that. Creatures.
It's the way we hold hands In the face of adversity. When you tell me your Not satisfied. When you remember my mothers birthday.
Through ups and downs  we continue to work together through ups and downs  we continue to make jokes  through ups and downs  we continue to listen  but most importantly 
Love. Contains compassion, Shows you care. In times of need, You’ll be there.   It needs to have trust, To be relied on.
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price It's unconditional
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price Its unconditional
Because I love you I relinquish my heart's repel I succumb to your tenderness my mind under your spell   Because I love you my heart once ice, now is fire once mummified, now released
I dunno if this happens to anyone elseMaybe it's the thing that makes my feelings hard to developOr to care or to act out in the air,But the funny thing is in irlthere are people who don't think about the same strife.
Once upon a time. . . There lived a princess called snow white.Her skin as pale as snow.Her hair of ebony glow.Her lips as red as blood.Yet her beauty was still shunned.
A night in the city T'was when the story began, After a young girl sought  To buy her mother a fan.   The night was shining, Though with limited light, And could still clearly see
She is a land mass like no other, She is the Nation of Power, She embraced this misfit foreigner, Like a caring Mother She molded me...  molded me to pursue The American Dream.
Shout for joy to the Lord, and worship gladly;Come before Him with joyful songs, asserted grandly;We belong to Him, He made us, pasture of the majesty;Enter his gates with thanksgiving, fervent and radically.
Gentrification gettin’ into this nation;Historically segregation, Killin’ kids, lit in flames and;Rioting makes it hasten, and racists make the hatred;It’s wicked and dangerous, we livin’ in hades;
gentleness does not come easy to me.tendernessnever sprung spontaneouslyinto my wildfire soul.  
The winter rain at a driving pelt Did batter the city park And on a bench sat a city beggar Far past the hour of dark He sat and with a mighty shiver Groaned deep from the outer cold
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
If I was on a stranded on an island, All I’d need would be... The devotion of my father, His fatherly impulse to keep me safe never was a bother
Every day, there’s enormous bloodshed, Terrorists chopping off heads in the Middle East, Thugs throwing acid in girls schools in Africa, Drugs, kidnap, and murder in South America,
What if I were stuck on an island, All alone? What is one thing I need? Love. Love is one thing I need. I need to feel loved.
Two years ago This is how I would’ve seen my classmates: Troublemakers, Perfectionists, Geniuses, Slackers, My best friends,
This estranged lump of earth softens underfoot with thoughts of their compassions For I was once among them and knew their truths Oh that mortal virtue!    
To live without contact is to never feel a thing, To live without humanity is to throw away compassion, I shall never live without human contact. I do not crave discrimination, corruption, or demoralization.
When told what you cannot live without A good Christian should Tell all about Their love and desire for God. For me though that’s not true. I must have compassion. I can’t live without it.
All I need a smile, you see? Not just one but two or three. From the girl, the mother, the old man next door, The teacher, the student, the rich and poor, The first, the second, the third place too,
We were poles apartDestined to come togetherIn the name of God,Love and friendshipWe took the leap of faithSometimes our paths were darkSometimes they were brightWe were co
Who am I? I fill you with happiness and content. I can make you smile, laugh, and pray. I can make you forgive and forget, fall apart and cry. I will pull you together or rip you to shreds.
I am merciful and forward-looking
I have a pair of foreign shoes
The Lesson 
How can you tell, tell them they can't do well? Why can't they feel accepted anywhere out side of their home? All this discrimination caused by a single chromosome?
I am a writer I am a musician I am an athlete I am many nouns But I am more than nouns I am tall I am compassionate I am hard to read I am many adjectives But I am more than adjectives
Mesmerized by the beauty Lost in the harmony She is Not focused on the problems But the glory Nor the sadness But their story Not attentive to their faults Only noticing the shine
Even as a child, I new his super power, He could light up the tallest buildings, even the Willis tower. He would take me to the batting cages, and ice cream shops galore,
I fill ye treasure cove wit’ rubies ’n dimes           They be not essences from th' heavens,           Bein’ scratched from stolen times   Go 'head, pry like a slimy oyster,
Never forget how to be kind- laugh, share, appreciate, smile.
Compassion, Imagine Compassion
Ode to ignorance By Ally Benson
Heavy, wet, warm, suffocation settles
We all close our eyes, but hers are closed, permanently We sing of colors, shapes, and sizes; she tries to understand We are stunned by the array of lights; she doesn't get excited
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
I know the tear soaked pillow all too well.
Sight, too me Is one of the most important senses I'ts what gives all our other senses a subject Those blind men Are some i feel truly sorry for Literal blind men...
You told me life was crazy Never about the snakes in the grass You told me they were evil One bite- I would never last
My dog, mine. My life disrupted, my space invaded. No! Down! My nerves a wreck. Come here, you hungry? I love you. Pee on the floor,hair everywhere, stupid dog.  
English is a language far too complex, Ordinary man or scholar it will perplex. It seems nothing will translate directly, Because it cannot be expressed correctly.
Tell me truly: Is she broken, Who can put her friends back together? Is she naive, Who can see light where there is darkness? Is she insane Who cares only for others, never herself?
If you’ve ever loved a boy who is both out of your league and culture Whatever he meant by that You would know what it’s like to sit at a dining table in a home
If I should impact the future generation, She will call me “Miyagi,” because that way she knows she has to try, no matter how hard, before she can look to me for help and the help won’t be easy.  
I laid with you in a field A field full of memories  green  This is the field I have run through half naked Peed on trees  Played loads of games. But on this night 
Living li
Vision granted taken for granted  or sometimes slanted   vision it's what is perceived    vision one cannot give it to me   vision the blind can "see"
People ask why I'm terrified of snakes, never touching them, Why I will never be too close to them, so I tell them why.  
Everyday there are obstacles in my path So many in fact, it's hard to do the math!
   My heaven awaits for me in the infinite skies.  There I can soar where ever, there I can jump from cloud to cloud, and there I can free fall without worries of ever touching the ground.  That is my imaginable heaven.
When the world goes dry and the day grows coldyou can't turn to someone to open up your soulLike its when you crythe time flies by
The wall is there Looming tall and divine. Built from the bricks of adversity, Which bake in oven of pressure and worry. The wall is part of life.
Time progresses faster when we didn't notice Our legacies we being born but we swear we're focused Letting bills engulf our hearts like sticks and stones Call it World War 4 because World War 3 started when we were alone
Vivid imagery flutters my corrupted mind,I close my eyes and fall fast asleep to indulge in this tease,I see what I wish would happen while I was awake,
Friend   Grim figure beside My Death Bed   I don't fear you, come closer Why fear the inevitable? Why fear the fate of every living thing?   I knew my time
What ticks me off....society don't you see.
Our heart is tainted and our values are infected. We are fools to believe what we see with our eyes. It doesnt reflect how an indiviual's heart lyes.
Who the heck are you to tell me I’m wrong? How can you be so sure that the song I sing is out of tune?
The woods were encumbering in the sunrise. My gut wrenched with uncertainty of the buzzing feeling atop my forehead. A little green creature rested in the nests of my tousled hair,
My momma always said 
When you were alone, I gave you my companionship When you were tired, I gave you my rest When you were in pain, I gave you my comfort When you were lost, I gave you my home
I do not speak loud
I'd go back in time, save her from down under. Lift her up, change her views. I look at her now: scars intact, blue eyes faded, hair lackluster, faith defeated.  
Helping people day and night Helping people left and right Rain or shine For Saddness or happy This is my job, my calling, my happening Healing the sick or fixing the disabled
Where disease has left the mark of pain, I can and must wipe out the stain. Where the need is deep and most profound, That is where I know I'm bound.   As a doctor trained with special skills,
  A Time With Family             All around             So many faces             Among many many friends             First among last  
  She Became Aflame             Shining under starlight             Creeping among the twilight             Cuts and bruises, scar your heart
  Remember When             A time of joy             Shared with care, compassion             You and I share a past             Long and last, yet so new
God teaches us love, Compassion, Grace, Honesty, Patience, God shows us love, That we are all treasures, That we are worth sacrifices, That we are all perfect in His eyes,
  Carved Just Right             Brilliant among few             Untouchable by many             Unbreakable with endless beauty
My goal in life is not to change my own but to bring light to another's. In time of need and suffering, I want to be there. To put a smile on their face,  to ease what is uneasy... that is my life goal.  
When all is lost And you think it’s over Don’t forget to look over your shoulder   I will be there
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
Imagine a world, Filled with love, Filled with understanding, and filled with compassion. 
A vessel of beacons             Casting a shier light             Brighter than any             Forecasting the oceans             Wobbled by deception  
Revived Among Lost Time               Played among a thin line             Life was pail and blind             Sick with poison
Angel My Angel               Spread far and thin             Across the oceans of time             Land, sea and sky             Hear my rejoicing cry
Empathy is better than sympathy, sympathy is the back bone in "common courtesy". However, in this 2014 world, humans seem to deny and reject the love each one deserves.
Giving a given gift   Unsolved like a puzzle A great maze of much The mystery of time One with design   Living among prime Optimistic and bold Leaving nothing old
 Oh My Gosh, I Hate Myself! I am hideously atrocious. Why can’t I look like her? She is gorgeous; a size zero; tall; model-like. Everyone adores her. Why can’t I look like her?
Hate is H C is compassion I've lived, I've loved, I've learned Seen the storm of others While I had all the sunshine All the hatred spread When we should focus on caring Compassion
Coming from a girl who observes Only to see the suffering of our brothers and sisters, Maybe some day people will understand that Pointing out our differences only causes pain.
Homelessness a tragedy, Travesty, undeniable reality. Society full of apathy. Naturally causes casualties, Nationally.
It’s not communism for caringOr socialism for denying the communismIt’s not liberalism for daringTo defy a state of anti-capitalism
I want love I need love I can give love
"Who said you can't live forever lied-  Of course, I'll live on, forever I'll, forever I will Live on. You can't ever deny my flaws. I'll live on forever, I'll forever.."  
     Blinded by the glimmer,  the light off-centered, shining on the empty things, objects of suffering, grasping all that glitters, grasping all that glitters, a light which seems to flicker, on and off throughout the night, will you reconsider? 
She's broken inside with nowhere to hide, yet she has everything in the world. She's got family and friends and the spoiling never ends. But what she wants  is just a connection. Where is he? 
Love has no boundaries. Love is selfless. Love is scarifice. Love is charity. The rich in love reach out to the helpless.  The heart of gold grows in maturity. One finds passion and eternally grows.
The Inner Me. It's the soul you cannot see. The pain, the struggles, the beating, and troubles. I cry out for help. Suicide thoughts. No one there to tell me, stop. I'm am confused at the mind.
Dark hair Frames her angular face Protruding cheekbones Paperwhite skin hiding lacy blue veins Dark eyes Follow me around the room Judging me Looking at me Wanting to be me
The still water ripples out Air rushes against my frigid face So still, the water, so calm. So unlike the flight symptoms of running; Pulsating through my veins. The story of my life.
And as the universe drifts off to sleep light is cast upon the back of her eyelids. Sand-sculpted images of Compassion are illuminated as slumber pries at the edges of reality and all sinks down into Dreamland.
You wake up, eat, drive to work, drive home, sleep- repeat. What is this? Am I truly happy? We begin in the womb for a time. Born and as we grow, the cycle restarts once again. What is my purpose?
See you are the type of girl who wants everything handed to you You want diamond rings, foreign cars and clothes made by designers who's names you can't even pronounce
When you are boiling up inside, It seems impossible to hide. Your soul begins to light on fire, Like a forest blaze would transpire. The hate may break your heart in two, But in the end it's up to you.
Lets agree, shall we? To Always tell the truth because- Power is in it.
There's a hen outside my window, No, seriously: A hen. Four in fact, 'cause I'm a farmer In the suburbs. Sound strange? You bet, I'm told I'm strange every day. That's cool. I'm used to it, but
Though we are different and unique Two separate cultures and worlds apart, I fear society’s standards will force you to depart Sometimes the future with you looks bleak. You are from the Arabic world and nation
Fat, is just a word It does not have to be absurd Fat is just a word Food is just a thing Some people like it more than others He looks at me, like I'm disgusting That guy on the street
I dreamed I was a monk, I dreamed I was a man, I dreamed I was everywhere— everywhere became what I am.
Hey Lovely, what's your story? I don't know you, you don't know me, but when I look into those brown Eyes, I see that we share the Same story. Something so beautiful in the makings, it's gotta be.
As you carry me in your arms holding my tight and close keeping me away from harm your smile and your charm your soft cream skin hair so thin it try to escape within the wind your eyes glazes like a star
Please mister president, Listen to my plea. There are fellows like you and me Living on the street, They are treated like meat. When they have hearts and souls Like you and me, But it seems to be,
Aphrodite, slightly bouncing on her toes, happily sought to gossip of lovers' woes. "Wanting a bride, a man of grand sum did seek the promised hand of a maiden mild and meek. Through my guidance, her betrothed heart he did please.
She- she is in pain, she is hunched, arched over coming closer I realize tears of agony progressing down her face. So I lay her down and give her adjustments with procession and care. Off she goes happy and in harmony.
Hiding. Terrified. Afraid. Forever. Their shadows in your dreams, People began to scream, Your blood runs cold.
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