Ode To Bishop

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 17:22 -- day0410

To be or not to be 

I often struggle with curiosity

It’s the downfall to what I’m supposed to be

I look for confirmation, someone to guide me

So I look upon your prosperity, your poised imagery


It’s the way you speak

That authority structures me

It’s the way you walk

That grace  motivates me

It’s the way of your thinking

Those wise words keep me from sinking

I look to you, study you

So that I may be just like you

Your strength cannot be denied

Your words never fail, they change lives

Your mind is rich

Wisdom being of your fortune

I want to be a descendant of you 

I want to absorb and inherit all that you do

So I choose to follow in your shadow

I’ll walk the footprints of your gold road

Everything you touch turns to gold

Every word you speak touches my soul

Because of you, I learned Christianity in its depth

I learned about God’s peace and his joyous laugh

Have you looked in the mirror? To me, you are a reflection of that

With your steady stance in life and bright smile

I become at ease with all of my life’s trials

Thank you Bishop for being you

Based off of you, I know there’s no limit to what I can do


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My family
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