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There's a hen outside my window,
No, seriously:
A hen.
Four in fact, 'cause I'm a farmer
In the suburbs. Sound strange?
You bet,
I'm told I'm strange every day.
That's cool.
I'm used to it, but
Usually the only people who ask why
Are the ones who are doing it, too.
Ask me why.
Ask me why I've got four hens,
Raise my own eggs,
Plant my own garden,
Keep worms to compost,
Let the hot earth slide through bare toes,
Sleep on beds of leaves in my dreams.
Ask me why.
Why do I want to protect the planet?
Why do I care about the struggling life
On Earth?
Why agonize
With the friends I made in a
Dirt poor, and dirt covered school
In Abuja, Nigeria?
That's in Africa.
Why gouge my eyes
With burning salt water
Filled with anger,
Over some kid in Mumbai
Where I shared some time
With a girl, whose life is so
Different from mine?
Why? You want to know why?
You don't.
That's why nobody asks.
Just call me a nerd.
Call me whatever, I've heard it.


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