Terror Hidden

I live in a post 9/11
In a world where politics is driven
Where everyone wants their voices to be heard, but because the don't have financial backing, get cut off

I live in a world of terror
A world where my five senses are turned off because I am out of touch with the real world
I listen to what the media tells me
I see more and more bad news than good
I have forgotten to be critical 
To wake up curious
Am I safe or am I just oblivious
To a world around me
Where young children are trafficked 
And mothers are beaten
Am I so out of tune that I believe that everyone shares my own freedoms?
Where is my humanity?
Who is in control of it?
What have I done to help?
Why am I so selfish?

I live in a world where my freedom has blinded me,
I can see just fine, but I can't really do anything, because I don't know anything, because I am actually powerless, unbeknownst of the power plays that it must take to make a life saving difference

What is actually happening out there
That I will never know? 
Who is currently sharing the same sight of the moon thousands of miles away hoping that this won't be their last day?

But I'll be okay, because I am oblivious, because I am selfish. Because I don't wake up curious.



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