Hair Does Not Define You

I am merciful and forward-looking

I wonder if my story of suffering from Alopecia Areata can lift others up

I hear my calling to show compassion to those in deep waters

I see people who are in need of love and empathy

I want to weep with those who are weeping

I am merciful and forward-looking


I pretend that no one is watching my little acts of love 

I feel relieved from accepting the fact that I have no hair

I touch the people in midst of suffering, hoping to offer them a cure

I want to share my story of a life without hair to encourage others

I cry from the pain I see in peoples' lives

I am merciful and forward-looking


I understand that healing takes time and acceptance

I say that anyone can rise from the pit of pain and depression

I dream of a day when everyone is healed from their sufferings

I try my best, and when I don't succeed I keep trying

I hope to experience more miracles with others

I am merciful and forward-looking.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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