My mind is life in a bottle

Watch close, a mind is confusing. It’s simple to comprehend and easy to get lost.


I never thought it would come to this. I never thought it would be this deep.

I didn’t think humans wanted to know. What happens in a teenage mind.

We laugh, we play, we live day by day. We hurt, we bleed, we cry, we die.

Wanting to be accepted. Smiling for fakes and fakes smiling with smiles.

My mind is so powerful I can never give up on what I love. Too persistent.

Something to learn and something to know. I share with you how my mind goes.

Life isn't fragile... Death makes it seem that way. What are you going to do though?... Life is just a competitive battle with fantasies and lost dreams while Death is internal with lost and unknown memories. This world is so small but so distant at the same time. We live then we die, we have relations then we split. Only to be forgotten by someone and everyone.

I give you my mine, my soul, and pride. I give you my promise of a life time.

I can never die, I will always stand. I will love you, If you aren’t my blood then I won’t fall.

Not all chapters of Life are bad. The kings of the world are the minds that never gave up.


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