Remember When


Remember When

            A time of joy

            Shared with care, compassion

            You and I share a past

            Long and last, yet so new


            In a house so we were

            Laughs and jokes ran free

            Lights of screens, flared red

            A time of joy, friends not fans


            Brothers we are

            From that night, Tyler, Tim

            I say Elliot too

            James and you, we played the tunes


            One against all

            Halo called rounds

            With yells and sounds

            Flip and turn, make your worth


            Ranks of few so we made

            You were second in the game

            I reaped first, says my name

            Bazzaro, beyond tomorrow


            You remember when

            Under one roof

            Under one family

            We played and sang


            “Oh spare me”

            So we said

            As night suppressed the day

            Our hearts played in peace


            Rain fell over the dark

            We lit the sparks

            Playing over and over

            Till night gave way


            Morning rose

            Gold ribbons touched our home

            Over the mounds

            Into the room


            While we slept

            Tiresome and all

            Again we live in the past

            A place of joy, remember when?







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