With You


I wish I were with you right now - in this instant. My words speak one truth. I call to my energy and enter into the cloud of dust, which weighs heavily on the air around me and to the life within me. I wanted to be there so badly - in your heart and being forever. Like an art to follow one’s inner intuition and live between the fibers.  All inspiration from a singing tone. The fibers are dancing on nights when we enter through the window. We fall into a silver lining to mend the gap in-between our hearts. Like the dancing decides how I follow. I wish I could ride the waves. I love the motion and crave commotion. I love the open and dark sounds from the ocean - like angry raindrops. There’s a reason I chose him. His energy grabs at me in an angelic way. It is time I come to terms with it and soak up the good feels flowing through my bloody veins. Sounds that transfer over. New inspirations from my love at first sight. The satisfaction that I have has gone into you. The ocean is mysterious like your eyes - I’m trapped under your spell. I wish the sound of love could be heard more clearly. “I love you” has it’s own tones and textures. I feel him the most with the gestures. I pull the fade from shelter’s eyes. How does this life spin? Listen to the vibrations and pulses coming from within.  This love hurts – over many different moments.  The palaces of lovely beauty come from rich lands of love and true admiration.  You’re here with me in one of these palaces - for a prince like you and a princess like me. I write this in memory of you because you send me to the moon. At the moment we touch lips, let me add to this collection of love and cherished joy.  I am drifting away from worlds of normal.  I have what I once had – it’s good to be back.  I’m here in this moment wanting you like nothing else matters. I’ve dreamt of us together in the comfort of true love’s eternal grace.  Love is always written out on the face.  This is where we see ours – the eyes, the tears, and the laughter from the lips, freshly kissed.  All acts of utter bliss.  This is blissful: every moment – like I am always in the presence of an angel.  I do not doubt him.  It’s deep within - power from limb to limb.  I hope this grows like a beanstalk, up into the clouds.  I love this land – I could call this home, with you. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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