A Time With Family


A Time With Family

            All around

            So many faces

            Among many many friends

            First among last


            You all are my past

            My hand makers

            Tinkers and toy makers too

            Helped mold me into who I am today


            Good people is who you are

            Among the many you are most of all

            Stunning and breathtaking

            Beautiful beyond comprehension


            Remember the party

            Our time of peace, joy, relaxsation

            Where the ice cool pool lay dorment

            Family of freinds ran free


            Renee, Meghan, and so many

            Talked and played

            Volleyball, down to tag

            Even videogames


            Our hearts poured out

            So much happiness

            How can I forget

            Especially you among everyone


            Truly a blessed friend

            I love you even to this day

            Never ever ever can I

            Let go of the time we spent


            Short or long

            Meaningful or not

            Funny or serious

            Never did it matter


            Because you are, were my friend

            No matter what

            I will always remember

            A time with family




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