Sparkle Return

When all is lost

And you think it’s over

Don’t forget to look over your shoulder


I will be there

To catch you when you fall

To hold you when you cry

To put you together again


Don’t worry I won’t fly

away when I am needed.

I never have before

and I don’t plan to now!


You were there for me.

When I was in need,

even if you didn’t know


I used your energy,

I used your strength.

To strengthen my own

Quite selfishly


But now I will stay

by your side

To see you through

The dark and bright times


Not only to repay a debt

But to be a true friend

I hope to make your eyes sparkle

Even during the hard times


I hope to see the sparkle return

Not because of me but because your life took a turn

A turn for the better, a time to smile

A time to laugh and revel in the past


Sparkle, please come back to her eyes

You see she needs them to be happy and dry

I love her dearly, such a friend as she

                                                Deserves nothing better, now do you see?


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